Freddie Hubbard - Gypsy Blue

Todays song ‘Gypsy Blue' can be found on Freddie's debut (as a leader) album 'Open Sesame’, recorded at Van Gelder’s studio on June 19th, 1960. The recordings were done in one (1) day, mind you. Which was common practice these days, but still…

Freddie Hubbard - Open Sesame

The real star of ‘Gypsy Blue' is Tina Brooks, who also wrote the song. Freddie Hubbard said about him: “…Ike Quebec introduced me to Tina at the 845 Club. Ike also introduced me to Alfred Lion. I loved Tina. He had a nice feeling. I got into him before I got into Hank (Mobley). He would write shit out on the spot and it would be beautiful. He wrote Gypsy Blue for me on the first record and I loved it. I just loved it. Tina made my first record date wonderful. He wrote and played beautifully. What a soulful, inspiring cat. I loved him…”

Alas, Brooks did not record after 1961. Plagued by heroin dependency and a gradually deteriorating health, he died of liver failure aged just 42, in 1974.

Freddie Hubbard - Trumpet
Tina Brooks - Tenor Saxophone
McCoy Tyner - Piano
Sam Jones - Bass
Clifford Jarvis - Drums 

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