'Techno', by John Scofield

Alright! Time for a little modern stuff. Well, modern in my book, this album is from 1986. My listening advice (and trust my word): really loud.

John Scofield (1951) gained recognition from a broad audience when he joined Miles Davis’ band in 1982 and stayed for almost 4 years. In an interview, Scofield says:
…I was basically a bebopper, something of a purist. But then Miles Davis turned me around, said I was bluesy and got me into wah-wah pedals, back-beats and heavy electronics…

Since that time he has prominently led his own groups in the international Jazz scene, and recorded over 30 albums, punctuated his traditional jazz offerings with funk-oriented electric music. Touring the world approximately 200 days per year with his own groups, he is also an Adjunct Professor of Music at New York University.

John Scofield - Still Warm

Surrounded by a ridiculously tight band (I mean, Omar Hakim, ex-Weather Report and Darryl Jones, since 1993 a Rolling Stone), Scofield patiently makes his statement in pieces, keeping all three musicians front and center. Meanwhile, Grolnick’s synthesizers stay out of the way, providing just enough texture to paint a background against which the others fill the details.

John Scofield - Guitar
Don Grolnick - Keyboards
Darryl Jones - Bass
Omar Hakim - Drums 

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