'I Love Paris', by Etta Jones

I’m going to Paris for a week coming Sunday, so I thought it would be nice to treat you all to a little ‘Paris Theme’.
The first song is Cole Porter’s ‘I Love Paris’, sung by the lovely Etta Jones (1928-2001), whose critical success and commercial obscurity earned her a reputation in her lifetime as a ‘jazz musician’s jazz singer’. A highly underrated singer who rarely received the recognition she richly deserved, because she recorded more than two dozen albums and earned three Grammy Award nominations during her six-decade-long career.

Etta Jones - Don't Go To Strangers 
Don’t Go To Strangers' was Etta Jones' first album for the independent jazz label Prestige when it was released in 1960 (having been recorded in a single session on June 21st of that year), and although Jones had been releasing records since 1944, including a dozen sides for RCA in 1946 and an album for King Records in 1957, she was treated as an overnight sensation when the title tune from the album went gold. Apparently there were no additional tracks cut at the session, since bonus material has never surfaced on any of the album’s subsequent reissues, although that’s hardly a problem, because as is, this album is a perfect gem of a recording.

Etta Jones - Vocals
Frank Wess - Flute 
Richard Wyands - Piano
George Duvivier - Bass
Roy Haynes - Drums 

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