L’Ascenseur pour l’Echafaud

"…And it was during this trip (to Paris) that I met the French filmmaker Louis Malle through Juliette Greco. He told me he had always loved my music and that he wanted me to write the musical score for his new film, L’Ascenseur pour l’Echafaud (it was called 'Frantic' in America, 'Lift To The Scaffold' in Britain).
I agreed to do it and it was a great learning experience, because I had never written a music score for a film before. I would look at the rushes of the film and get musical ideas to write down.
Since it was about a murder and was supposed to be a suspense movie, I used this old, very gloomy, dark building where I had the musicians play. I thought it would give the music atmosphere, and it did…”

Miles in ‘Miles: The Autobiography’ (page 217)

It sure did.
When I had my job interview, this album was playing in the background. I recognised it, told them how much I liked that album and we got into this pleasant conversation about jazz.
I got the job.