'Pretty Memory', by Nat Adderley

Nat Adderley (1931-2000) played most of his musical career with or in the band of his brother, Julian ‘Cannonball’ Adderley. During the 40’s in the band of Ray Charles, in the 50’s with Lionel Hampton and from 1959 in Cannonball’s new quintet, until his brother’s death in 1975. After that, he led his own groups and kept recording extensively.

Nat Adderley - Work Song

The liner notes of the 1960 album ‘Work Song’, of which this song comes from, indicate that there were ‘complications during the original session’. The pianist, Bobby Timmons, only lasted through five of the nine songs. Suffering from heroin abuse at that time, he was not able to play on two compositions as scheduled. He did contribute one composition, ‘Pretty Memory’, and the motivation for Nat Adderley to compose ‘Fallout' as a reminder of the session. The liner notes also indicate that 'this is a sound you are guaranteed not to have heard before'. The addition of Wes Montgomery in a supporting role offers up a different take on his skill as a fine accompanist. The combination of cello by Sam Jones and bass by Percy Heath, creates a unique sound.

Nat Adderley - Cornet
Wes Montgomery - Guitar
Bobby Timmons - Piano
Sam Jones - Bass Cello
Percy Heath - Bass
Louis Hayes - Drums