Another threat

Again, after numerous threats, I’m forced to take down a video. This time ‘Straight, No Chaser’ about Thelonious Monk has to go.
I received mails like:

'…Do you own this? I THINK NOT!'

'…Do you own any of your uploads, especially Straight, No Chaser? If not, you are violating international copyright law by uploading this and disgracing my dear departed friend Charlotte Zwerin…’

'…I have notified Warner Brothers about you. You are committing a felony by uploading this…'

Since I already have a ‘Strike One’ on my YouTube channel, I take no chances.

UPDATE: When I took the video down, her reply was, and I quote:
You ought to be ASHAMED of yourself.
You NEVER should have uploaded it in the first place.
We do not live in a SOCIALIST society. Property rights are property rights.
Make your OWN movie and upload THAT.
You people are DELUSIONAL.
Enjoy your time in a Federal prison.
You will be “discussing” it with a Federal Judge and a District Attorney.

[end of quote]

I’m sorry to hear that some people don’t understand the power of sharing, and how sharing ultimately benefits everyone, including the heirs of Monk and the aforementioned Zwerin.

Almost 25,000 people saw this documentary.

Perhaps 25,000 new fans.

Perhaps people who might have never heard of Monk before and went out to buy his CD’s, downloaded his music via iTunes or bought the film on DVD.

All I want to do is ‘broadcast’ jazz to a young and new audience and try to fill them with enthusiasm for an underexposed genre.

I cannot see how that in any way can be disgracing.

Complaints can be sent to Carole Langer, the writer of the emails.