'Snafu', by Yusef Lateef

Eastern Sounds' isa landmark recording from the versatile Yusef Lateef, who is still performing 50 years later. Lateef, who is equally at home with sax, flute, oboe and a few other instruments, recorded this album at a time in his career when he was well-established in mainstream jazz but was ready to go in a new direction. His long-time fascination with the orient was the driving force behind the development of the album and although it was not his first try at ‘eastern’ sounds it was probably the best known.  

Eastern Sounds - Yusef Lateef

The result is a collection of tracks that retain the pure sounds and rich improvisations of modern jazz while influenced by Lateef’s belief in the mysticism of the orient.

Recorded on September 5th, 1961, Englewood, New Jersey.

Yusef Lateef: Tenor Saxophone
Barry Harris: Piano 
Ernie Farrow: Bass 
Lex Humphries: Drums