'Epistrophy', by The Jeff Hamilton Trio

Last week, underheard was the 500th member of this fine little jazz club, and when asked what artist he wanted me to write about, he answered:

…Thanks for allowing me to choose who to write about for your next post! Have you by chance heard of Jeff Hamilton? His music is a little hard to come by, but it is absolutely splendid and whether with his trio or in a larger ensemble, he really knows his stuff…

The Jeff Hamilton Trio - From Studio 4, Cologne, Germany

Well, here he is, especially for you, with the Thelonious Monk and Kenny Clarke standard ‘Epistrophy’, from the beautifully recorded album ‘From Studio 4, Cologne, Germany' (2006).

Wolfgang Hirschmann, the legendary recording engineer of the WDR Big Band in Cologne, expressed a wish to record the Jeff Hamilton Trio before his imminent retirement. This meant the group had about two months to come up with a final set list and arrangements in the midst of a packed schedule: a challenge these three pros brilliantly met, since the recording has a wonderfully warm and balanced feel, and, due to the recording skills of Hirschmann, a superb sound quality, especially on the drums.

Again, many thanks to underheard and of course, all of you 499 others…

Tamir Hendelman - Piano
Christoph Luty - Bass
Jeff Hamilton - Drums 

Four hundredth Follower’s Friday!

Well, hello and welcome to my 400th follower!
This time the lucky one is: dog-gestures

And, in good jazzpages tradition, I would like to invite him or her to submit an (jazz-)artist, song or genre (or what-have-you-not) to his or her liking for me to write a special post about.

Just in case, this is what your predecessors requested:

300th follower: julianat: John Coltrane  
200th follower: ohmicorazon: Charles Mingus 
100th follower: waxandmilk: some ‘cool jazz’

P.S. In hindsight, I should have asked the same question to my first follower, film-matters.

If you want, the stage is also yours…

Thanks everybody!

Congratulations! (again)

I don’t know what happened suddenly…
I guess due to the exposure given by waxandmilk, I received my 200th follower yesterday. 

The lucky one is ohmicorazon!

Again, I would like to invite him or her to submit an artist, style or song for me to write something about.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the 199 others for their interest in my blog and in my ‘mission’ to promote jazz. And if I haven’t replied to your posts and questions yet: I will soon!

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